The valorisation of the know-how-Portrait of a mother of a family

The valorisation of the know-how-Portrait of a mother of a family

3 November 2017, Frédérique Fayet welcomes us to Maison-Alfort, near Paris suburb, for a Friday lunch not like the others.

Cutler’s little daughter, she has inherited the taste of simple, useful objects that are not there only to make pretty: these objects that have an extra soul thanks to the hands that shaped them.

His profession as an architect has opened it to quality materials and to made-to-measure. Its house, organized around a square interior garden planted with bamboos, maples and various aromatic bushes, is an invitation to appeasement. The autumn light illuminates the house with soft bluish reflections.

For years, Frédérique has been thinking about her way of living, of raising her two boys, of feeding his family. Today, his approach is even more categorical: “I have evolved, I have become demanding, now I squarely reject the great consumption, and I want to support those who do good work.”

She does not move, does research to understand how to treat herself with parallel medicines. It equips its home with water-growing devices that allow to give back to the city water the characteristics of a vivified water, having positive effects on humans, animals and plants. She is very convincing: I did tests on two bouquets of basil, the one watered in vivified has a lifespan at least 3 times higher than that watered in the city not vivified.

For the food, even fight: it buys at the market, discusses with the producers, consumes local, natural or organic. I like the good flavors, the good products and the kitchen not sophisticated. The kitchen is a real pleasure that appeals to all the senses: the view, the smell, the taste and also the tactile. I discovered the utensils of the W trunk. “Keychain that are perfectly symbiotic with my way of cooking.”

It’s time to get into the kitchen. First reflex, Frédérique goes out into the garden to cut from the fresh sage. She reveals her recipe of the day: Bresse chicken with sage and her little seasonal vegetables.

 “I have a lot of kitchen utensils, but my favorite is undoubtedly the chicken-cooked, which I didn’t know, it’s a real discovery.” It is astute, authentic, the recipe is successful at all times. I love the sandstone, feel the earth under my hands when I bring it on the table. It is a healthy and tasty way to cook poultry. »

Cutler’s little daughter, Frédérique is particularly sensitive to knives. She immediately spotted and adopted the Corsican knife from the W trunk. Keychain: “I like it because it’s a knife to do everything: cut bread, meat, cheese, vegetables.” I like the simple, powerful aspect. It’s effective, has a good grip. “The Buis is a soft and sensual wood, I sharpen it from time to time to keep its edge”.

At the same time as she speaks to us, her hands act precisely. Cut the garlic, brush the potatoes under the water, stuff the poultry with sage, sit it on his pic “He adores” she said with malice, install the vegetables in the plate, salt, pepper and hop!

1 h 30 of baking later, Frédérique leads a bottle of Château Haut Mallet 2015, a wine that she likes to make us discover. We drink at this moment of sharing and intimacy around the kitchen secrets.

An irresistible scent of grilled chicken comes to tickle our nostrils: cooking is over. Frédérique brings the cooked chicken and cuts the poultry directly into the dish. : “I love when the dishes are presentable directly on the table,” she said, “without fuss.”

The skin is crispy as it should, the flesh mellow and delicately scented. The potatoes and carrots have candied in the juice. Really delicious. A weekend that starts in the best conditions.


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