The time of cherries – Recipe for clafoutis

The time of cherries – Recipe for clafoutis

The time of cherries – Recipe for Clafoutis

From early June to late August, these wonderful red fruit invade the stalls of our markets.

How do you resist this delicious round, juicy, full of vitamins and trace elements, a real treat for the eyes and taste buds?

Some of us have the opportunity to climb up the stepladder, basket in hand, to pick from the tree of these little sweet candies. One in the basket, two in the mouth … it’s still the best way to consume them!

For the less fortunate, there are many producers who offer different varieties in the markets. Among the best known:


  • TheBurlat, first arrival: sweet, melty and juicy,
  • The submission that follows, heart-shaped and brighter, but has the same qualities in the mouth just as the Burlat,
  • The Reverchon, with the shape of an elongated heart with tangy and crunchy flesh.

Producers say that they present new varieties every year! So, we taste, we savour and we fill our belly because the season is short.

And we still make the pleasure last by embarking on the realization of a clafoutis easy to prepare and that fills the house with a sweet and sweet perfume.

Let us be your guide

Put on your best apron, get a good whisk, a mixing bowl and follow our recipe for a clafoutis done in a jiffy.

Classic and easy clafoutis recipe

Stir 700 gr of cherries and line the bottom of a pie pan, add some butter nuts. The option to keep the kernels is a possibility, but watch be careful for your teeth!

In a bowl, mix with whisk: FullSizeRender

  • 200 gr of flour
  • Whole eggs
  • 100 gr of melted butter
  • 50 g sugar

Dilute with 1 full glass of milk, the appearance must be that of a pancake batter.

Pour in the cherries and cook for 30 minutes at 180 °.

Serve warm.


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