Tablier cuir Gold et plateau
Tablier cuir Gold et plateau

Spice mortar


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No more spice mills that break down in no time. Nothing is more effective for bringing out the flavours of your personal spice blends or controlling the fineness of powders. It’s perfect for dry spices.

Ø 8cm – Height 8cm (1kg)
Guaranteed for 25 years

Réf. : AR0119 Materials : , Functions :

Salts, peppers, spices and dried herbs will reveal their most subtle perfumes. There are two cast iron sections with striated bottoms and a cork lid for the storage container.

Made in SWEDEN by Skeppshult and distributed exclusively in France by Mw.T.

All products made by this company are handcrafted from meticulously controlled materials. They are heated with KRAV certified organic vegetable oil from Sweden and produced locally. Skeppshult has been carrying the tradition of manufacturing unlined cast iron cooking utensils since 1906.

Skeppshult, a small village in Sweden lends its name to a family-owned foundry that has specialized in the manufacturing of natural cast iron utensils since 1906. It’s the only one still active in Scandinavia today.

Skeppshult complies with all Scandinavian environmental laws and relies on local networks for raw materials.

A bit of history…

Apart from the knife, the mortar is probably the oldest utensil used to prepare food on a daily basis. The first mortar was made by joining a piece of hard wood and a flat stone. Modern society has rendered mortars obsolete through the sale of pre-processed foods. However, it has also made high-quality fresh spice and grains powders more widely available.

Far from being a purely decorative utensil, mortars are as fundamental in the kitchen as the wheel in the history of humanity.


  • Cast iron – a simple alloy of iron and carbon – is one of the most natural and high-quality materials used in healthy cooking. It is non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb strong odours, and its unpolished “grain” ensures excellent friction.
  • It is suitable for cooking for dry substances without any trace of moisture.
  • It is a natural and ecological product.


  • In case of rust, scrub with a metal sponge and oil with food-grade oil.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use detergent to clean.

A Mw.T favourite: there are no mechanical parts that can break down over time.

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Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 10.5 x 13 x 9 cm