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In a gift box: three essential tools to make a « Homemade Purée »

Classical peeler: the Swiss original (produced by Zena), very sharp blade, stainless steel. – L-7 – 1-11 – h-0,015
Potato masher (produced by Weiss-Germany) – 100% stainless steel – I- 29.5 – 1 9 –h-1
Vegetable scrub brush: in fibers of organic coconut – L. 7.5 – l-11 – h 4,5

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The kitchen accessory surprising in this box is undeniably the classical Swiss peeler (red bar) which allows peeling so easily the potatoes and other fruits and vegetables.  Its blade is very sharp: as soon as it is placed on the potato, it clings to it and removes only a very thin layer of skin, it is not even necessary to press.  Its blade is also very solid, which guarantees a use during dozens of years.  Made of stainless steel, it does not rust.

To have in one’s drawer a good potato masher is also a small very affordable luxury.  One appreciates it daily to make crushed vegetables and fruits the taste and perfume of which transport us at the speed of light to the time of our grand-mothers.

And finally, the Asian brush in coconut is also very useful to clean the gritty vegetables under running tap water.

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The illustration created by Beatrice Allemagna gives a retro touch to this small toolbox, making it an easy and useful gift idea.

Recipe of mashed potatoes

6 pers 1kg of potatoes – 2l of cold water – coarse salt – 25cl hot milk – 150g cold butter – salt flower – crushed pepper.
Choose a potato with a rather farinaceous pulp, like the bintje.
Brush them to remove the earth. 
 Peel them and cut them in large pieces. 
 Rinse them to remove the starch.
Cook (25mn) in cold water with one spoon of coarse salt.
Drain and leave to dry and in a warm place.
Crush the still warm potatoes with the potato masher and add: the warm milk, the cold butter in pieces, the salt flower, the crushed pepper, the ground nutmeg.
Serve immediately because the purée does not wait!
The gourmets add grated truffle and replace the butter and the milk with olive oil, accompanied by a tapenade of black olives or of seaweed tartare.

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