poêlé de légumes
poêlé de légumes

Cast Iron Skillet


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It is a unique piece with generous forms that invites sharing and conviviality. No doubt about the quality of this work of artist, a German passionate about the cast, thought to fulfill its function: The extended simmer for a healthy and tasty cuisine. To take with the knobs as the handles heat up … A indestructible tool to transmit from generation to generation

Cast-iron skillet, iron and carbon alloy, without coating
Surface treated with flax oil

Ø 25 cm-L 43 cm handles included-4 kg
Capacity: 2 L

Lifetime Warranty
Compatible All Lights

Delivered in a protective package

Réf. : AR0025 Materials : Functions :

Berthold Hoffmann is an artist who specializes in silversmithing before being interested in cast iron. Since 1985, in partnership with foundries, he perpetuates local know-how and has been awarded several times at events combining design and handicrafts
From his work close to the sculpture come out unique pieces, exceptional, which fit perfectly in the universe of the kitchen and respond to daily use


  • Melt promotes good heat diffusion
  • Excellent for prolonged simmering on a low heat
  • Natural material for Healthy cooking
  • The iron released during cooking is totally harmless
  • A indestructible tool to transmit from generation to generation

Precautions for use

Before first use, proceed three times to the socketing to improve the strength of the utensil and reduce the risk of burning food

Soak the surface with a small amount of cooking oil, heat in the oven or on the cooktop at max. 150 ° C.

Then allow to cool before wiping off excess oil.

Then always preheat the skillet for 5 minutes at minimum power

Lower the heat source so that the food does not hang. If this is the case, the cast is too hot.

Use the knobs as the handles heat up

Poids et dimensions avec packaging

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 cm