Red Leather Apron


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This apron, inspired by a blacksmith one, is made exclusively for the Malle W. Trousseau.
Calfskin leather cut by hand with 4 brass eyelets.
Leather tightening strap.
Red dye without primer. Also available in black and natural color(gold)

Unique size,  the two leather straps are long enough to suit the large sizes.

Delivered in a cotton pouch

Dimension: 80cm x 69cm

Réf. : AR0204 Materials : , Functions :

Manufactured in France by Mw.T

The special features of this apron is to be cut in one piece, seamless, which is rare and make it even more elegant. Once it is placed around the neck, it is immediately adopted, because its lightness and its « second skin feel » touch make of it a very pleasant piece to wear. Cut with straightforward edges, its raw form reminds that of the animal. It has no superfluous accessory, only leather links to fasten it around the waist and a brass eyelet to slip an angle of cloth, like the chefs do: it is very practical when one must frequently wipe one’s hands

Unique size : the two leather straps are long enough to suit the large sizes.
The aspect of each apron may vary because the leather is a natural material. It is easily maintained: one can clean it regularly with a moisturized sponge. Like all the leather pieces, it will acquire a patina over time, which makes it even more exceptional.

A Mw.T favorite

In the kitchen, this apron is very protective when one must carry heavy pots or protect oneself from splashes. But it is equally perfect to do odd jobs in the house, in the garden. It is a gift very appreciated by the men.

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