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Nutcracker: plate and mallet


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Great functionality: designed by a mountain man with a love for good tools, this nutcracker opens nuts while preserving the kernels intact whenever possible.

Plate: 20 cm diameter
Mallet: 30 cm length
Weight: 780gr
Comes with a red cotton knit bag

Réf. : AR0180 Materials : , Functions :

As simple as can be: simply place the peak of a small oleaginous nut in the centre of the platform then hit the nut with the mallet. The nut will open without being crushed. Children who want to participate in family evenings will love it. It’s a hand tool for nut lovers as winter approaches. It also brings a bit of nature into the home for urban dwellers.

It makes eating nuts much more enjoyable.

When finished, store the unopened nuts in the cotton knit bag up behind a door away from mice.

The nutcracker is made in France for Mw.T by a specialized workshop located in Jura. The bag is also manufactured in France.

Nuts are great on endive salads, roquefort toast, cakes and Christmas almond pastries.

A Mw.T favourite: pass the plate around and watch as adults and children alike enjoy cracking nuts, all without any risk of danger.

Note: the plate is made up of two pieces of whole beech wood glued together with food-grade glue.

Poids et dimensions avec packaging

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 24 x 5 cm