Meat Fork


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This fork is an indispensable ally to guide your knives … And its long straight peaks allow you to comfortably hold the cutting room. Very useful for poking a meat in the oven without getting burned.

2 stainless steel and plastic food spikes
Aluminium rivets
L 32-156

Materials :

Little story …

This small fork with two peaks is the ancestor of our table fork.

Its evolution took 9 centuries passing through multiple stages like the crystal or ivory handle … until the 17th century we still ate with his fingers

Made by Lauterjung-Allemagne

A Mw.T favorite

Indispensable ally of the knife to be cut on which it comes to lean and guide

2 straight Peaks said in “Square on Angle”, the most common old form because very resistant and sharp

Allows you not to burn and keep the workpiece cut

Once you’re in the kitchen, you can’t do without it!

Delivered in a transparent pouch


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