Lava Sharpening Stone


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Cut lava stone, untreated, 2 x 300 & 1000 grain sides
The 300 side for sharpening and the 1000 side for finishing.

Length 19 cm – Width 6.5 cm –


Réf. : AR0009 Materials : Functions :

Manufactured by KAI in Japan

We have selected a 2 grain, flat Japanese sharpening stone, suitable for steel used by Kai for its damask knives.

Sharpening guarantees an incomparable cutting edge: use a 300/1000 stone, tempered beforehand for 2 hours. Start with the thicker side of the stone and finish with the thinner side. It is necessary to sharpen your knives regularly to keep a cutting edge on your blades.

Delivered in its original box.

Poids et dimensions avec packaging

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 6.5 x 19 x 3.5 cm