Jolie Bobine et saké1
Jolie Bobine et saké1



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A box with 3 objects: a stoneware reel, a spool of thread and a candle: coil, store, light up…

We are always looking for our kitchen scissors and we always need string to tie up a roast…  Jolie-Bobine conceived and designed by Mw.T: so that your thread and kitchen scissors are always on hand.

Reel: glazed stoneware Ø 8cm, height 12cm, 450 gr.
Ball: polyester/viscose thread according to European

food standards, 80 meters.
Candle: vegetable wax, in accordance with European standards,

11hr combustion, does not run.

Réf. : AR0193 Materials : , Functions : ,

Manufactured in France by Mw.T in a workshop based in Saône et Loire that also manufactures the Cuit Poulet, the Apple-Pomme and the gratin dish.

A bit of history about the material…

This reel is made of a sandstone dough prepared with a mixture of natural minerals from France.

The enamel is lead-free and cadmium free, it ensures a perfect food usage which is compliant with the highest standards (CEE directive 2005/31/CE).

Each piece is unique because all the pieces are handmade.

The design of Jolie-Bobine is inspired by thread reels used by the weavers in Lyon, it allows to store cooking thread to avoid seeing it tangled at the bottom of a drawer. One side is for sliding kitchen scissors and the other side, is for the candle to illuminate the kitchen.

Jolie-Bobine has been designed and redesigned by Mw. T for 3 functions :

  • Wrap the kitchen thread used to tie up roasts and other preparations. 2 small slots to block the thread so that it will not tangle
  • store kitchen scissors on one side: it is convenient, like this you we will always know where they are!
  • To be used as candlestick to light smoothly.

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