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What a pleasure it is to wipe one’s pots with hemp and linen dishcloths which absorb well the humidity and which facilitate for us this thankless task.   On top of its absorbing qualities, hemp is one of the most resistant fibers.
We have specially conceived this model, which allows to « tackle » important dishwashing periods.
Exclusive Mw.T Trousseau.
Woven in the North of France

 62% linen -38% hemp  natural color  L 130 cm – W 46 cm  Delivered in an individual pack

Réf. : AR0031 Materials : Functions :

Manufactured in France by Mw.T

The Charvet company is located in Armentières, in the north of France, for more than a century.  The city, located in the heart of Europe and renowned since the Middle Ages as the « city of the linen », produced the most beautiful linen sheets in cotton and flax yarns.

Charvet became and remains the main manufacturer of industrial sheets in natural materials.

A Mw.T favorite

On top of the rare mix (flax and hemp), the other quality of this dishcloth is to have a double format (1m30x46cm), which allows to wrap it around the waist, like men often do when they invest the kitchen.  One can wear it on the shoulder and use it to take the dishes out of the oven.  Its format allows to use it as a tablecloth or table runner.

The more it is washed, the more it becomes softer and becomes suitable for wiping.

The small skillful hands will know how to embroider it with the initials of the newlyweds.

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Dimensions 46 x 130 cm


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