Cutting board assembled


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All for:  Cut Trim Slice Grind Chop finely Slice Bone Sharpen Peel Skin Crush Grind Spice Pour Serve.

This tray includes Shun knives, a sharpening stone, a Corsican knife, a cutting board, peelers, anti-odor soap, meat fork, spice mortar, a ladle and a copper skimming ladle, a maple spatula and leather welcome apron.

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Réf. : AR0165 Materials :

Cutting board assembled in France by Mw.T

Exclusive Mw.Trousseau manufactured or distributed by us:

An old walnut cutting board (France), a glue-free piece of wood, just oiled.

3 peelers (Swiss): a classic example of design for functional purposes  Once in hand, there is no doubt about their effectiveness or the intelligence behind its design.

The leather apron: as protective as a blacksmith’s apron, designed to inspire and “dress up” the *chef* for guests…hence the name.

The Corsican knife  manufactured by a craftsman especially for Malle w. Trousseau It looks like those used by shepherds, who made their handles from goat horns.

This tray can be ordered separately.  It comes in a gift box.

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Dimensions 57 x 75 x 12 cm


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