Cuit poulet (vertical chicken roaster)


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An unusual little known object of the 19th century, revisited by Mw.T.     A kind of spindle, which allows cooking the fowl in the oven, vertically, with a simple cooking mode: all you have to do is to sit the animal on the conical spindle and to place the vegetables, which accompany it in the plate. Since the spindle is hollow, the inside flesh will be soft.  Outside, the skin basted continuously by the gravy, which flows, will be crispy. The vegetables are candied in the gravy.  Suitable for the standards stoves (and more).

Made in France Redesigned by Guillaume Bardet for  la Malle w. Exclusive Mw.T

Natural enameled sandstone
Ø 28 cm – H 17,5 cm

Réf. : AR0093 Materials : , Functions :

Exclusive Mw.T

Produced in France by Mw.T in a Factory of sandstone Each piece is unique because all the pieces are handmade.

A bit of history about the material…

The cuit poulet (vertical chicken roaster) is made in France, from a sandstone paste, coming from a mix of mineral natural materials (clay, kaolin, Felds path and sand).  The enamel used which contains no lead nor cadmium ensures to it a perfect alimentary use and meets the highest standards.  The cooking of this piece is made at high temperature, 1250°, which confers to it the waterproofness, the solidity and inalterability of enamel.

The sandstone has a unique capacity to store up then to provide heat, while preventing the harmful burn of the fats.

A Mw.T favorite

No, it is not a Mexican hat or a giant juice extractor!

This little known traditional utensil allows cooking a roast chicken unlike any other.  The cooking is very homogeneous: the inside of the chicken is soft and the outside crusty because in this upright position, the gravy flows permanently and bastes the chicken.  If one chooses a good free-range chicken grain fed and raised in the open air, it will have just what is needed of fats to candy the vegetables placed in the plate. It is not necessary to add fats but everyone according to their desires. On the other hand, to let it macerate in the spices before may be an option for the connoisseurs. One may also stuff it with herbs and lemons before putting it on the spindle.  Each according to his creativity and desires.  Once it is in the oven, there is nothing to do, only stick a fork into it from time to time.

To carve it, nothing could be easier: one brings the plate directly on the table (with a mat) and the sharp knife follows the fleshy curves.

Enjoyable atmosphere guaranteed!

It is very simple to use and suitable for other fowls: guinea fowls, ducks…  Certain inventive chefs use it to cook a shoulder of lamb wound around the spindle or to make brioches or cakes.

When it is not used, it turns into a fruit bowl.


  • Suitable for the dishwasher, but can be washed easily by hand with a sponge. Let it soak to remove the stubborn residues
  • Suitable for the standards stoves.
  • Do not put cold water when the dish is warm or place it on a cold  plate right out of the oven because the sandstone cannot stand the thermal stresses

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