Back from the market Colander


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It seems too big and yet it is an ideal size when taking out your vegetables after coming back from the market, washing lettuce under a trickle of water, taking out fruit…

Very sturdy on its 3 feet, it does not tip over, break apart or get bent out of shape!  It can be left on the kitchen counter and be used as a fruit bowl.
Robust, light and reminds us of the colanders that our grandmothers used

 Thick pure aluminum perforated in the bottom and sides  Ø 30 cm (38 handles included ) – H 21 cm – 1.3 kg

 Lifetime warranty

Réf. : AR0020 Materials : Functions : ,

Made in France by a community specialist company, this colander is an essential tool to prepare meals for large families.

A bit of history…

In the olden days, the colander was a a kind of large pierced and curved ladle…

Today, it can be summed up in two words, metal and holes: light material as the bigger the colander, the more functional it is, and evenly distributed holes that are neither too small nor too big.


  • Feet and handles attached by solid aluminum rivets
  • No risk of oxidizing food or pasta to the extent that they do not stay in the colander

Delivered in an individual pouch