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Apple pomme_abricots
Apple pomme_abricots

Apple Pomme


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To bake apples, pears and potatoes in the oven or over the coals

Traditional sandstone utensil redesigned by Mw.T.  For those who love cooking over wood fires that delicately flavor food.  It can be used as a dish to make half pies or pizzas.

Natural sandstone exterior, black enameled interior.

H: 9 cm – W: 29 cm
delivered in a box

Réf. : AR0203 Materials : , Functions :

Made in France for Mw.T by a manufacturer based in Saône et Loire and who also makes chicken dishes, baking dishes and Jolie Bobine.

Cook apples in a simple and healthy way: place them in the Apple-Pomme and put it in front of the coals or in an oven at low temperature.  The fruits cook on themselves and release their juices

You can core the apples and add a knob of butter, sugar or honey to caramelize them

When this utensil is placed in front of a fireplace, the fruit absorbs the slight aroma of smoked wood.

It takes at least 1 hour of cooking time
It can also be used to cook pears or potatoes and to serve an aperitif.  Some inventive chefs use it to make half pizzas, fruit pies or even to cook small stuffed vegetables.

To each according to their imagination.

A bit of history about the material…

The Apple-Pomme is made in France, from a sandstone paste, coming from a mix of mineral natural materials (clay, kaolin, Felds path and sand). The enamel used which contains no lead nor cadmium ensures to it a perfect alimentary use and meets the highest standards. The cooking of this piece is made at high temperature, 1250°, which confers to it the waterproofness, the solidity and inalterability of enamel.

The sandstone has a unique capacity to store up then to provide heat, while preventing the harmful burn of the fats.

A Mw.T favorite

  • Use in an oven and over coals in front of a fireplace or barbecue
  • Traditional and little-known cookware
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy grip handle


  • Wash by hand
  • Do not put cold water when the dish is warm or place it on a cold  plate right out of the oven because the sandstone cannot stand the thermal stresses

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