History of Malle w. Trousseau

The story began five years ago.

Malle w. Trousseau: 43 qualitycooking utensils collected in a trunk, 50kg of beautiful kitchen products arranged in three trays for knives and utensils, cooking equipment, and pots and pans.

A complete range of essential kitchen toolsselected from the best manufacturers in France and Europe to help you cook like a professional chef.

Well-thought out, well-designed and well-made products.

Choose one or several to make a beautiful wedding, anniversary, birthday or housewarming gift.

Where did our desire to curate these products in a trunk come from?

This is the story of our daughter, Dalva. At 18 years old, she left home to start her life: “Can I take the Corsican knife, the Sarpaneva cast iron pot, the Jules wooden cutting boards and ? “

We remembered the hope chests that our grandparents used to put together. Even if the concept is a bit out of date. There’s nothing better than having and wanting to give the best in life.

Malle w. Trousseau was born from that idea. Why the w. ? It’s meant to replicate a traveller’s initials on a trunk.

La Malle w. Trousseau trunk is a gift for life that will last a lifetime.

The Mw.T Label was born from the Malle trunk collection. Our mission: share as many designer kitchen utensils as we can. We now also offer individual utensils or small collections.

Genuineuncompromising and straight forward products without the fuss.

We offer quality kitchen utensils that become part of your daily life. They transform the ordinary into the French way of cooking and living.