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  • Back from the market Colander


    It seems too big and yet it is an ideal size when taking out your vegetables after coming back from the market, washing lettuce under a trickle of water, taking out fruit…

    Very sturdy on its 3 feet, it does not tip over, break apart or get bent out of shape!  It can be left on the kitchen counter and be used as a fruit bowl.
    Robust, light and reminds us of the colanders that our grandmothers used

     Thick pure aluminum perforated in the bottom and sides  Ø 30 cm (38 handles included ) – H 21 cm – 1.3 kg

     Lifetime warranty

  • Jolie-Bobine


    A box with 3 objects: a stoneware reel, a spool of thread and a candle: coil, store, light up…

    We are always looking for our kitchen scissors and we always need string to tie up a roast…  Jolie-Bobine conceived and designed by Mw.T: so that your thread and kitchen scissors are always on hand.

    Reel: glazed stoneware Ø 8cm, height 12cm, 450 gr.
    Ball: polyester/viscose thread according to European

    food standards, 80 meters.
    Candle: vegetable wax, in accordance with European standards,

    11hr combustion, does not run.