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  • The complete Malle w. Trousseau


    The Malle w. Trousseau is a wooden chest that contains three trays.    of 43 essential kitchen utensils either selected from the best manufacturers or designed and made by us.  and which are made for daily use, not decoration. They are utensils that we have discovered over the years Well designed and well crafted, they are genuine, dependable and trusty

    La Malle w. The w. Trousseau chest is a gift for life.

    The utensils are arranged by function onto three trays (cutting, cooking, containers) that can also be offered separately.

    To learn more about the utensils in the chest, click the trays.

    Weight 50kg

    Format: 81cm x 61 cm x63 cm

    Free shipping in France for non-emergency shipping