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  • Small fruit and vegetable collection


    Two essential tools for preparing fruits and vegetables, complete with craft bag:
    brush: a useful and effective tool for scrubbing root vegetables under water
    classic peeler: a Swiss cult favourite used to remove thin skins from fruits and vegetables


  • Small kitchen collection


    These essential kitchen utensils sold in a small box:
    the original Swiss peeler and anti-odour soap

  • Japanese slicing knife


    Ideal for lifting fillets a cutting meat and fish. The blade is perfect for slicking with a single pass, from the base of the blade to the tip.

    Solid blade and handle made of forged steel 
    Pattern-welded with 32 layers of stainless steel
    Pakka asymmetric wooden handle cover
    Brushed finish
    10 cm handle 15 cm blade

  • Oyster box set: hand protector and professional oyster knife


    Proper functionality means complete safety.
    The natural leather hand protector and professional oyster knife, called “The Lancette,” are made in Thiers. Thermally hardened blade (240c13 steel)
    Rosewood handle

  • Mandolin box set


    Mw.T chose this mandolin set for the quality of the two blades, particularly the one that allows you to finely mince all kinds of vegetables. It's great for making zucchini tagliatelle or grating Parmesan. It's also perfect for thinly slicing truffles.

    15.5cm x 6.5cm x 4.2cm


  • Small pastry collection


    A box with 3 indispensable utensils to prepare pastry, emulsify, air, spread…to prepare all of your delicacies : a solid whisk, a spatula and an extra flexible turner.
    The whisk: 10 sturdy wires, 30 cm L: 20cm – W: 3,6 cm
    Stainless steel spatula : L: 13cm – W: 2cm

  • Oil and vinegar cruet


    A cruet set to serve oil and vinegar and to keep them protected from light. Very useful if you want to handle well the oil dash while cooking because it pours oil slightly and without drops.
    Stainless steel Removable lid made of food quality plastic
    Oil : 1/2 L Vinegar: 1/4L.

    The cruet is delivered in a box of 0.65 kg


  • Small collection of objects for puree


    In a gift box: three essential tools to make a « Homemade Purée »

    Classical peeler: the Swiss original (produced by Zena), very sharp blade, stainless steel. – L-7 – 1-11 – h-0,015
    Potato masher (produced by Weiss-Germany) – 100% stainless steel – I- 29.5 – 1 9 –h-1
    Vegetable scrub brush: in fibers of organic coconut – L. 7.5 – l-11 – h 4,5

  • DUO soap Mat


    In a box, a useful and practical duo always easy to reach in the kitchen: a magnetized mat and a smell-free soap.

    Soap 100% stainless steel
    Mat in ash, 18cm x 18cm with central magnet. Produced in France by Mw.T. Manufactured in France by Mw.T

  • Rectangle Palette


    This palette “To do everything” is an essential accessory, which is used daily to lift, return, scrape, serve.

    Stainless steel pallet and plastic handle

    Aluminium rivets

    Comes in a transparent pouch

    L 21-L 8.5 cm

    135 G