A recipe idea with apples

A recipe idea with apples

Healthy and ultra simple, oven or fireplace … .stoneware is an ideal material for cooking. Foods cook gently, confit in their juices and sublimate the flavors.

Traditionally dedicated to apples, it can be used to cook pears, potatoes …

For apples, simply place them in the apple and put it on the embers or in the oven at a mild temperature. The fruits cook themselves in their juices.

The recipe can be improved by making a hole in the apples and  filling it with a knob of butter, sugar or honey to caramelize.
When it is placed in the embers of the chimney, the fruits absorb a slight fragrance of smoked wood. It takes about 1 hour of cooking, or more.

It is also transformed into a presentation  aperitif dish.

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