Potato masher - Germany


This is the sort of utensil which we have lost the habit of using.
This utensil reminds us of our grandmothers and brings forgotten flavours to mind.

Stainless steel handleable
Round head with breakthrough
Ø 6/7 cm

L 30 cm
190 g


  1. The mash potatoes recipee
  2. For 6 pers.
  3. 1kg potatoes
2L cold water kosher salt

  5. 25cl hot milk
  6. 150g cold butter 

  7. fleur de sel, 
crushed pepper
  8. Choose a rather floury potatoe, like bintje for exemple.
  9. Brush them under cold water, rip them with the peeler and cut them into large pieces.
  10. Rince them to take off starch.
  11. Cook them around 25 mn in cold salted water, drain them and keep warm.
  12. Mash them when still hot, add hot milk and pieces of cold butter. Finish with a pinch of «fleur de sel», grinded pepper and gratted nutweg.
  13. Served immediatly !
  14. Gourmets like it with truffe and with tapenade or seaweeds tartar.