Great tools for oysters

Hand protection in natural leather and a Professionnal oyster knife called “La Lancette”



Smart and useful

  • Hand protection in natural leather, for left and right handed users
  • Professionnal oyster knife called “La Lancette” made in France (Thiers)
  • Very strong blade (steel 240c13) heat treated,
  • Rosewood handle

So Simple to use! With these 2 tools it will be so easy for you to open and enjoy as many oysters as you can eat! Just follow closely the instructions and safety recommendations below :

  • Place your left thumb through the hole in the strap just behind the glove.
  • Place the oyster on the glove with the tip of the shell facing towards you.
  • Take the knife in your hand with the blunt side facing you and your fingers holding the blade.
  • Push the tip of the blade into the gap on the side of the oyster.
  • Twist the blade to stretch open the 2 valves of the oyster. Free the muscle and remove the larger valve.
  • Slide the knife under the smaller valve to detach the flesh.

The knife is light, elegant and easy to use. The blade will stay sharp for a long time, if you simply wash it with water and dry it straight away.

Do not put it into the washing machine.