To cook apples, pears, potatoes on the wood-embers or in the oven.
Traditional stoneware kitchen tool re-studied by MwT.

This traditional kitchen tool allows you to cook apples in a healthy and easy way :
All you have to do is to place them in the Apple-pomme and to put this on the wood-embers or in the oven at a moderate heat. The fruit cooks in its own juice.

One can improve the recipe by removing the core of the apples and adding some butter, sugar or honey to caramelise them.

When it is placed on the wood-embers of the fireplace, the fruit absorbs a slight perfume of smoked wood.
One should calculate 1 hour of cooking, may be longer.
It may also be suitable to cook pears or potatoes and it becomes a presentation dish for the aperitif.

In glazed stoneware, black on the inside.
Height : 12 cm, width: 30 cm,
1 kg
Comes into a box.

  1. Little history of material
  2. Made from a  unique grey  clay  which is a mixture of natural organic materials which are only found in France.
  3. The special enamel used does not contain either lead or cadmium , and this guarantees safe use in all kinds of food preparation and cooking. ( EEC directive 2005/31/CE)
  4. Firing of the  stoneware dish is carried out at a high temperature , 1250 degrees, at which temperature the enamel becomes water tight, stable and impervious to any cooking juices.


  • The clay possesses an amazing capacity to retain and gradually release heat
  • Multi-use, on the wood-embers or in the oven
  • Easy handle when they are taken out of the fireplace or the oven


  • Hand wash only in the sink
  • Do not put cold water into it when it is hot straight after cooking